Julie's Geist
(Julie's Spirit)

Julie Melina visit a mode creator school but she has no money, to create her own clothes. Natascha, a delicate student want to live in New York. But her mum given't her money and so she steals a valuable icon at home. On the escape with stolen materials cross julie at the same time with Natasche the road. A car edvades to Julie but it hit Natascha. In die, Natascha pleased Julie, that she brings the icone back to her home. But Julie think, that's her chance to make a Fashion Show; her own fasion show. From fear around their soul peace, Natascha interferes as a spirit in Julie's life. A friendship develops and they notices, that they are in this comedian strong as a team.


Sylvie Testud

Bettina Wilhelm

Jane Corbett

FM Einheit

Gudrun Ruzickovā-Steiner

Production Companies
Luna Film GmbH

Gold Remi Award Best Foreign Film, Houston Intl Film Festival.