s'Chline Gspängst
(The little Ghost)

For a long time, the little Ghost has been living in the attic of a castle. Its greatest wish is to see the world by the light of day, but its attempts are all in vain. Three children, Karl, Hannes and Marie, go on a nighttime hike to the castle, where they encounter the little Ghost. The following day, the little Ghost promptly wakes at noon. Its joy is short-lived, however, as, tinted black by the first sunbeam, the little Ghost scares the townsfolk and causes all kinds of chaos. Despairing, it turns to the children for help in trying to go home and return to its former existence as a night ghost.


Nadja Sieger (Stimme)
Emil Steinberger (Stimme)
Uwe Ochsenknecht
Herbert Knaup
Aykut Kayacik
Bettina Stucky
Stefan Merki

Alain Gsponer

Martin Ritzenhoff
based on a novel by Otfried Preussler

Niki Reiser

Uli Putz
Jakob Claussen
Lukas Hobi
Reto Schaerli

Production Companies
Claussen+Wöbke+Putz Filmproduktion GmbH
Zodiac Pictures Ltd

International Sales
Arri Worldsales

The Walt Disney Company (CH)
Universum Film GmbH (DE)

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Schlingel Internationales Kinderfilmfest Chemnitz, Lichtenauer Publikumspreis 2013
Festival International de Cine de Gijón, Premio del Público: Mejor Película para menores de 12 años