Chaos and Cadavers
(Chaos and Cadavers)

Newly-weds, Edward and Samantha Taggert, have arrived at a grand, stately hotel, deep in the English countryside for the perfect, romantic honeymoon. But the mood is abruptly broken by the arrival of a coach load of highly unusual and inappropriate guests... a convention of funeral directors. The hotel is overrun by morbid men in black and before long the hotel has a murder suspect on the loose. Now is the chance for the shy, bespectacled Edward Taggert to prove his courage and solve the mystery. Only first, he has to overcome one little problem: his thenataphobia or, in other words, his fear of death.


Keeley Haves

Niklaus Hilber

Niklaus Hilber

Warren Bennett

Lukas Hobi

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Zodiac Pictures Ltd

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High Point Films and Television Ltd.