Achtung, fertig, WK!
(Ready, Steady, Ommm!)

Alex and his girlfriend Anna have a problem: Anna couldn’t be more pregnant, and neither can find an affordable flat. The only one who can help is Anna’s father, Commander Reiker, a sweet but screwy military man who owns an empty house. Reiker, however, to whom the Swiss Army means everything, has problems of his own: to prevent his ramshackle troops from being axed, Reiker urgently needs help. And just about anyone will do. Like his future son-in-law Alex, the least capable man one could imagine. The pact he concludes with Reiker will not only shake up the Swiss Army, but also Alex’s relationship with Anna...


Matthias Britschgi
Marco Rima
Martin Rapold
Bruno Cathomas
Liliane Amuat
Sira Topic

Oliver Rihs

Güzin Kar

Beat Solčr

Reto Schaerli
Lukas Hobi

Production Companies
Zodiac Pictures Ltd

International Sales
Global Screen

The Walt Disney Company (Switzerland)

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