Achtung, fertig, Charlie!
(Ready, steady, Charlie!)

In the middle of his own wedding, ANTONIO, a young Swiss-Italian is lead away by the military police who escort him to the camp where he was supposed to start his military training. Upon arrival at the training base, things start to get even worse. Willing to do everything to get back to his distressed fiancé, Antonio - a true love waits type - makes a controversial plan: He starts to make eyes at the good natured, female recruit MICHELLE, in order to get her laid. Why? Because sex on the training base is strictly forbidden and will lead to dismissal. Which is when things start to go terribly wrong.


Michael Koch
Melanie Winiger
Marco Rima
Mia Aegerter
Martin Rapold
Max Rüdlinger

Mike Eschmann

Michael Sauter
David Keller

Manuel Stagars

Lukas Hobi
Reto Schaerli

Production Companies
Zodiac Pictures Ltd
Sabotage Films GmbH
Impuls Home Entertainment AG
Schweizer Fernsehen SRF

International Sales
Telepool GmbH

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Switzerland

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